Goat Serum


Item No:BL210A



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   Goat serum is used extensively for the blocking of non-specific antibody binding in tissue and cell staining, and in other applications of antibodies. The goat serum blocks the binding of Fc receptors in the sample to the primary and secondary antibodies used in the experiment, and also blocks non-specific binding of the antibodies to the sample.

Typically the serum used for blocking is from a different species than the species in which the primary antibody was raised. Often the blocking serum is from the species in which the secondary antibody was raised. 


Goat Serum can be used directly for blocking, or as a constituent of a blocking buffer.


Storage: Freeze storage below -18℃

Shelf Life:Store at -18℃ below for 5 years.

Item No BL210A
Size 100ml
Brand biosharp