One Step Cloning Kit

One Step Cloning Kit


Item No:BL625A


Brand: biosharp

15 PV


   One Step Cloning Kit enables researchers to perform sequence-independent cloning, without retaining undesired nucleotides or scar sequences between vector and insert. These scarless methods are powerful tools for various molecular biology needs, including cloning multiple inserts in a specific order, creating fusion proteins, and preserving reading frames.


1. One-step, 35-minute reaction, even with large vectors/inserts
2. No sequence errors at cloning junctions
3. Ligase-free cloning enzyme mix
4. Amenable to high-throughput cloning projects

Component:1. 50μl 5× Seamless Cloning Mix

                       2. 200μl Buffer

Storage:  -80℃

Shelf Life:Store at -80℃ below for 3 years.

Item No BL625A
Size 10T
Brand biosharp